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About Vatican Visits

VaticanVisits is located right next to Vatican City in Rome, Italy. We are a unique company in Italy because we are made up of a team of professionals based locally at Vatican City here in Rome and internationally. Our attention to detail and the services we perform are un-surpassed and 13 years of experience working with the very best guides who are local English speakers who take great pride in their work.

Our parent company is Italy Vacation Specialists (, and because over the years, we needed to arrange so very many tours at the Vatican and arrange VIP SKIP the LINE tickets for so many of our clients, and because our offices are right next to the Vatican, we decided that we needed to create another website - another company dedicated specifically to the Vatican, which is the smallest independent city state in the world. It is so rich in art, history and events, now home to Pope St. Francis who we think is changing things for the better in so many ways here in Italy and all over the world.

The Vatican is a country unto itself - it is a city state, located in Rome, Italy - but it is so interesting and unique with museums which span over 7 Km in distance... not to mention gardens and parks , stores, its own housing and much else that is totally unique in all the word.

In the 13 years we had working with the best guides and in organizing private and small group tours at the Vatican and in Rome, we don't think you can get a better team behind you for your visit to the Vatican than us!

From sightseeing experiences which include our VIP Skip the Line Tickets with licensed professional local English speaking guides that go through rigorous training, to tours that we have created in Rome which tie into the history of the Vatican and the papal legacy in Europe, we have you covered.

You can contact us and get assistance around the clock from our team who is here to provide you with the most comprehensive information about the Vatican and religious tours here in Italy.

Our services include:

  • Papal Visits - We can schedule your visit
  • VIP Skip the line tickets to the Vatican Museums, St. Peter's Cathedral, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Gardens and the gardens in Castello Gandalfo
  • Hotel Recommendations and Accommodations at Vatican City that offer excellent value for money
  • Information about scheduling a Private Group tour at the Vatican
  • Restaurant Recommendations at Vatican City
  • Privately Guided Tours of Rome which include the Vatican
  • Quotations for Religious Pilgrimages and Excursions all over Italy and Europe
  • Tours for Children, Families and the Elderly
  • Assisting with wheelchair arrangements or any mobility issues
  • Assistance with the Elderly or injured

Please get in touch with us for all of your needs at Vatican City, which is the smallest city state in the world and a place of endless fascination and curiosity.

Email us for a fast response at: or call us directly in Italy or in North America, toll Free.

We look forward to meeting you here at Vatican City in Rome and helping you to discover the smallest independent city state in the world! You will leave here feeling amazed.... and so happy that you made arrangements to schedule a visit prior to your arrival!



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Client Testimonials

We're home now from the most amazing trip to Italy! I can't thank you enough for your efforts and coordination of what was without question the finest vacations I've been on to date.

- Carol Carson