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Welcome to Vatican City in Rome!

The Vatican is the smallest independent city state in the world, both by land area (.44 sq km) and by population (less than 1000), though despite its size the Vatican still holds considerable power on the world stage both politically, religiously and even economically many experts would argue.

Vatican city is the most artistically rich city in the world. Within its walls, you will find some of the most sublime architectural, artistic and literary works in all of western civilization that have been commissioned by the Roman Catholic church throughout the centuries. Masterpieces by the great Italian painters like Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Bernini and Raphael will be found here in addition to numerous works by many thousands of artists from around the globe.

We don't offer generic travel packages, but instead we feature a client-centric service that focuses on organizing fully customized travel. As a team of Italians with an expert knowledge of our country, it's our passion to bring to you the tastes, sights and sounds of Italy.

Experience the only escorted visit of the Papal Audience! Thousands of pilgrims from around the globe gather every Wednesday to see Pope Benedict XVI. Unfortunately, with limited seats, not everyone can participate. Navigating through the masses of people can be overwhelming which is why we have created a service to ensure the best experience possible.

Let the stress of maps, transport and language barriers melt away as you are led in small groups by professional and friendly guides with perfect English -- who will passionately share the stories and details of the art, architecture and history unique to the Vatican and Rome.

Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and articulate English-speaking tour guides will cater specifically to you and make your private visit to Vatican City a unique and unforgettable experience. For modified itineraries and larger groups, please contact our Customer Care team by filling in the form on our contact page.

Visit all of the most important sights of Vatican City and more in the most relaxed and comfortable way with our unique Semi-Private, Exclusive Vatican City Tour which include the Sistine Chapel, Raphael's Rooms and St. Peter's. Our semi-private tours take place in the early morning or at dusk when the Vatican is closed to the general public.

We have many tours of Rome that include the Vatican on both a public and a private basis. Most of our tours of Rome that include the Vatican are full day tours.

We offer some fantastic rates at establishments we know to work well for your upcoming visit to Vatican city.

Enjoy a tour of Vatican City from your cruise-ship. Our driver will be there to meet you at your cruise ship and show you the best of what Rome and Vatican city have to offer. We always include VIP skip the line tickets to Vatican City in our tour prices, all road tolls and fuel charges. If you are only in Rome for one day off of your cruise ship, this is a great tour for you!

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