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Our Team

Jesse Motorino
Jesse Andrews
Owner and President
For the past 14 years I have been involved in community initiatives throughout Italy. You can read about Our Story for a more in depth account as to what lead me to this role as Owner and President, which is a role that I both deeply love and yet feel very humbled by. I believe it is my duty to lead and to be made an example of within communities here in Italy, for our team members, students, suppliers, travel agents and travel partners, artists, photographers and fashion designers. I am deeply committed to shifting the environment and economies here in Italy to create long-lasting and significant change through specific and manageable initiatives. In addition to managing this company, I am the author of 2 children's stories "Maratea the Mermaid" & "Maratea & Friends" as well as the novel Four Years in Calabria.
Rosa Silipo
General Manager
Rosa Silipo is a resident of Port St. Lucie, Florida 53 years old joined our team in 2013. Rosa as a lengthy career of 28 years in the travel and tourism. Rosa is proud of being general manager of our team. Travel and Italy is Rosa's passion she was born in Italy and would love to live in her home town of Agrigento, Sicily in the future. So far she as toured various parts of the world of course including Italy on various occasions. I am a mother of two children who have traveled in various parts of the world with me.
Eleonora Gaffino
I was born in Rome, Italy and since I was young I have always had a passion for nature and travelling. Since I was a youth, I have worked alongside my family in tourism at the "Borgo Giusto" in Tuscany, helping my father to re-construct the village where he was born and creating it into a unique boutique hotel experience. In order to promote the property, I have travelled all over Europe, Asia, South America and many countries. For over 3 years I lived in Australia working as tour guide, although my love for Italy and my family finally brought me back to Rome where my combined passions for travel, tourism and the incredible environment here in Italy combined to create this incredible opportunity working as a travel consultant in providing the very best of Italy and Europe to visitors from around the world! Beside My first passion, travelling, I like to play tennis, skiing and to savor the best wines that we have in Italy accompanied with typical food!!
Elizabeth Ramos
I am Elizabeth Ramos, 21-years-old, born and raised in the beautiful Dutch-Caribbean island of Aruba. Aruba is a very multicultural island who basically relies solely on the industry of tourism. This has definitely influenced my passion and love for this particular industry. The thought of working on creating memorable moments for others is what truly fills me with happiness. For me there is no other industry I would rather work in, and therefore, I feel truly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to do so. Currently I'm a student doing an internship at Italy Group Specialists, following all the processes that goes around here with an extra focus on the social media.
Through out my student life I had the lucky opportunity to live in different countries, this has definitely stimulated my curiosity and interest in meeting and experiencing other cultures. It gives me great satisfaction to communicate with others from different cultures and exchange thoughts and points of view, as I believe this is a great way to expand ones horizon and perspective. This in turn is also something very closely connected to the purpose of people wanting to travel the world and so, I am more than glad to help others achieve this as well!
Chiara Brambilla
I'm Chiara Brambilla, 40 years old, I was born in Como, main city on the well-known lake, chosen by many American actors as their second home, then I studied foreign languages in Milan where I also lived for 8 years. During that time I worked in the tourism sector for the biggest business travel management company in the world, in the marketing department, organizing many important tours and entertainment and formative events for customers. The events success and the customers smiles and words of congratulations were my greatest satisfaction! But after so many years I felt the desire to escape the hectic life of a metropolis like Milan to move to Trentino and to the Dolomites, Unesco world heritage mountains, where I accepted to take care of the promotion for a b&b and I collaborated with Trentino Marketing, for which I wrote the website contents in some foreign languages. I live in a little village closed to Trento now, one of the cities in Italy where life is at the best levels, and when I open the window in the morning I can see green mountains around me and breath pure air. I've always loved travelling and the contact to foreign people, that's the reason for my last choice of working for Italy Tour Specialists, that I consider the right destination of my career path. I'm friendly and curious and I have a deep knowledge of Italy, especially of less known but very beautiful places, far from mass touristic destinations. My love for nature, culture and food is a plus that helps me in being always updated about the most important events around the country, that I like to attend personally. If I was asked where I would like to live in Italy, I think that on one of the wonderful islands around Sicily would be my answer, as I love Sicily, its sea, weather, cuisine and the great hospitality of the people, all typical Italian features!


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We're home now from the most amazing trip to Italy! I can't thank you enough for your efforts and coordination of what was without question the finest vacations I've been on to date.

- Carol Carson